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…Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

We had just arrived backstage for the Saturday evening performance and I asked my co-star Jenn Raithel-Newman how her day was going. Her reply was great, “…any day that you are doing what you love to do is a good day!” Absolutely true–and what a good three days we had this past weekend.

The Phoenix Children’s Chorus sounded fantastic, and were absolute professionals the entire time. In addition to the weekend’s R&H concert they were also performing in their own 25th anniversary celebration–a LOT of music to handle! The symphony was of course wonderful, such a rich and colorful range of sound. I enjoyed the Carousel Waltz and Overtures because they were able to really soar.

My two and a half year old son Noah, who was enamored by the acoustic bass and “yellow guitar” at the Amazing Grace concert series, was completely blown away by a the Symphony’s stage full of every kind of instrument. He woke up Monday morning chirping like a bird, naming every instrument he could remember and singing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” over and over and using his drum stick as a conductor’s baton.

I have memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

— Sean Carter Campbell