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On the eve of my debut with The Phoenix Symphony

Last night was pure magic. And the realization of one of my life goals – since I started singing in grade school, it’s been a dream of mine to sing with a symphony orchestra. And last night I was standing on stage, in Symphony Hall, with The Phoenix Symphony playing behind me looking out into the empty chairs and singing my guts out.

Sean and soprano Jenn Raithel Newman.

It was great to finally meet the symphony staff whose names I’ve gotten to know these past few months through a multitude of e-mails, and to meet my co-star, amazing soprano Jenn Raithel Newman.

Jenny Sanford, the operations coordinator, showed me around, then we had a conductor meeting with Lawrence Golan and Larry Loeber, the principal pianist for the Symphony. Jenn, Lawrence and Larry have worked together a number of times so they were very comfortable together. They didn’t waste any time making me feel completely welcome as well.

Sean on stage at Symphony Hall.
Sean on stage at Symphony Hall.

When it was time I had no idea how nervous I would be on the first few notes, but gradually I began to get used to the feeling of singing with the orchestra and things started to click into place. After awhile I was able to totally relax and enjoy the program which includes a hilarious and well-sung number by the men of the Phoenix Symphony Chorus, and some soulful belting by the women. It’s obvious that Dr. Gregory Gentry and fellow Phoenix Chorale singer Laura Inman have done a fantastic job with the Chorus.

Sean with The Phoenix Symphonys Resident Conductor Lawrence Golan.
Sean with The Phoenix Symphony's Resident Conductor Lawrence Golan.

I’m really looking forward to this morning’s rehearsal, and especially the first performance tonight!

— Sean Carter Campbell, singer with the Phoenix Chorale

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