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Scavenger Hunt Results

Scavenger Hunt participants looking over their answers with Stacy Bertinelli of KBAQ.

So, the First Ever First Friday Scavenger Hunt was a big success!  We had a lot of fun putting this event together and watching it unfold.  Everyone was talking about it in the weeks leading up to last Friday and I couldn’t believe how many people had heard about it.  It was our opening event of the season and we gave away lots of cool door prizes, got to hang out with our friends at KBAQ, and made lots of new friends — including some zombies.  I had heard about the Zombie Lurch a couple of days before so I was prepared (and a little scared because I DO NOT like zombies).  Luckily for me, they were nice zombies.

Scavenger Hunt answer boards

In the end, the Scavenger Hunt proved to be pretty difficult.  I’m sure many of you are dying to know the answers, so here they are (we promise to make it a little easier next year!):  Scavenger Hunt Answers.

The Grand Prize Winner is Kristi Maekawa.  Kristi’s Grand Prize Package included: 2 Season Tickets to the Phoenix Chorale, a one-night stay at The Clarendon Hotel, gift certificates to MADE Art Boutique, dinner at Cheuvront’s, a KBAQ CD Box Set, and a Phoenix Chorale CD Box Set.

(l to r) Zombie, Jon Town, Zombie, Zombie, Sterling Beeaff, Jenna De Valk

Door prizes included KBAQ t-shirts, hats, CDs, Phoenix Chorale CDs and concert tickets, a gift certificate to Portland’s Restaurant, and free coffee from Fair Trade Cafe.  Everyone that attended the event received a free MP3 download of “Phoenix,” a new work premiered by the Chorale earlier this year and written by our Composer-in-Residence Ola GjeiloThanks goes to all of our sponsors for helping make this event happen.

Special thanks to our friends at KBAQ – Sterling Beeaff, Katrina Becker, Jon Town, and Stacy Bertinelli – for their help in putting this event together.

To see more photos from the First Ever First Friday Scavenger Hunt, click here.