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OMG- Oh My Gjeilo!

Pianist Ola Gjeilo, also our Composer-in-Residence (or CIR), will be performing with us during our Darkness & Light concerts on February 21 & 27-28. The concerts include the world premiere of Ola Gjeilo’s newest work, titled “Dark Night of the Soul,” written for choir, string quartet, and piano (with Ola Gjeilo on piano).

We are also presenting a special performance featuring Ola Gjeilo with special guest, Arizona saxophonist Ted Belledin. The concert, on February 26, features the two musicians in a duet creating new music, completely improvised on the spot, and in the stylistic vein of improvisers like Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek. The hauntingly beautiful music will be just as informed by classical and world music as by jazz and unlike a lot of free-improv jazz, it will be melodic and unabashedly lyrical. You can see a preview of the concert below.

Also, join us on facebook and play our Get-to-Know Ola Gjeilo Game. Each Monday and Wednesday there will be a question posted about Ola. The first person to answer the question correctly will win that round. The answers will be posted the next day (on Tuesday and Thursday). We will keep track of the winners of each round of questions and at the end of the game in late March, the person with the most points will win a sur-prize package.

by Brittany Westcott, Phoenix Chorale Marketing Intern