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Phoenix Chorale Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

The award-winning Phoenix Chorale had a fun, edgy photo shoot last Saturday in the beautiful Clarendon Hotel in downtown Phoenix.

Makeup Artist Working on Carol Proudfoot
Makeup Artist Touching-Up Chorale Soprano Carol Proudfoot

Danielle Chavez, the Chorale’s public relations and marketing intern, said the shoot would make the classical singing group become more accessible. The new photos would appear in the upcoming programs and on the chorale’s website.

“It’s more urban and kind of hip, so people won’t be afraid of classical music,” she added jokingly.

The photo shoot was quite a production with various rooms set up for hair and makeup artists, wardrobe styling, food and more. The clothes were donated from Buffalo Exchange, a vintage thrift store based in Tucson, Arizona.

Head shots of the singers were taken by Arizona State University students Lanly Le, Evie Carpenter and Andie Flores. The girls arrived hours early to set up equipment and prepare for snapping the pictures in an organized fashion. It was a little tricky keeping the various lights from affecting the shadow and color on the other cameras, but after some clever experimentation, everything turned out fine. The mood was light and relaxed as Madonna tunes accompanied the picture taking.

“This is the most gorgeous looking group of singers, so it makes my job easier,” Le said, during the session.

Carpenter seconded that.

“It only took about two shots of each of them. I felt bad because I think they thought we weren’t doing a good job but I got perfect shots in about two takes. It was tons of fun and way easier than I thought it was going to be.”

Flores enjoyed the practice she got, as the photo shoot was a different setting from the work she has done as a journalism student.

Lanly Le Photographing Chorale Singers
ASU Student Lanly Le Photographing Chorale Singers

“It was also a chance to get in touch with what’s going on in the Phoenix community. I never knew about this hotel and the story behind it,” she said.

Next on the tight schedule, professional photographer Derek Welte of HalfManHalfMachine took section shots of the sopranos, altos, tenors and basses in one of the hotel suites. The photos were close group shots, showing the warmth and genuine bond between the fellow singers.

After a couple breaks and all the sections had been photographed, the entire chorale gathered around 5:30 pm to the rooftop bar for an elegant sunset shot. To celebrate, the crew and singers-turned-brief-models shared some drinks in a informal wrap party.

The Phoenix Chorale now has creative, beautiful new pictures to show off along with their talented and equally beautiful voices.

Nesima Aberra, Guest Writer

This photo shoot was made possible with help and contributions from several local Valley businesses including the Clarendon Hotel, Atmosphere Salon, Buffalo Exchange, Stinkweeds, Tempe Camera, and HalfManHalfMachine.