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Singers’ Summer Happenings

One trip to NYC means 7 shows in 5 days
& a visit to the Tonys for
Tenor Kevin Kriegel

Last week, Kevin Kriegel headed to New York to attend the Tonys. He saw seven shows in just five days including: The Addams Family (Bebe Neuwirth, Nathan Lane), A Little Night Music (Angela Lansbury, Catherine Zeta-Jones), American Idiot, Promises, Promises (Sean Hayes, Kristen Chenoweth), Everyday Rapture, Next Fall, and La Cage (Kelsey Grammer). Kevin’s favorite shows were GreenDay’s American Idiot and La Cage. He got to go backstage after A Little Night Music because his friend and former Kansas City Chorale singer Tony Bernall used to give voice lessons to Katherine McNamara (Fredrica in the musical).

To cap off the trip, he attended the Tony Awards and Gala (which he says was amazing – no kidding?!) and met Paula Abdul from American Idol, Catherine Zuber (won a Tony for Best Costumes) and Matthew Morrison from Glee.

Check out more photos here.

Soprano Alison Chaney named “Teacher of the Year”

In May, Alison Chaney was named “Teacher of the Year” at Scottsdale Preparatory Academy. Alison was selected through a nomination process involving parents and students and the final selection was made by the school’s administration. She has been teaching at Scottsdale Prep for two years and currently teaches music to all of the 8th, 9th and 10th grade students. Music is a mandatory part of the curriculum at Scottsdale Prep for all 7th – 10th grade students. Each students learns very advanced concepts in music theory, history, analysis, and are also required to fulfill a performance element on recorder or in choir. Congratulations Alison!

Tenor Andrew DeValk welcomes a new member to his
– and the Phoenix Chorale’s – family

On Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010, Phoenix Chorale tenor Andrew DeValk welcomed a new member to the family, Ryne Andrew DeValk. Andrew actually had to miss the last concert of the season as his wife, Jenna DeValk – aka our Box Office Manager – was in labor! Welcome baby DeValk.

First Gallery Show
for Alto Holly Meyer Sheppard

Holly Sheppard had her first gallery showing and opening last Friday night, June 18. The show is a fairly experimental set of images, using a technique Holly has coined as ‘light painting’ which involves using a tripod and a long exposure (about 20-30 seconds) and then ‘painting’ the subject(s) with a flashlight. This ‘painting’ creates a soft, painted look to each image. Some post-editing adjustments to color and exposure and cropping finishes each piece.

In her words: “These images started with the intent to capture shape and form – figure studies through a camera rather than a pencil.  I have done a fair amount of figure drawing, love working with the human form, and thought my past experiences would translate well into this project.  These images went beyond simply capturing form to something more personal and almost candid, despite each pose being chosen and then held through the lengthy exposure.”

Check out more photos here.

Check out Holly’s show:
Trunk Space (1506 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ) map
July 2 First Friday Reception from 6pm-10pm

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