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The Making of “Chant & Beyond” Video

It was only my second day on the job, working as the new Marketing & PR intern at the Phoenix Chorale, and the agenda for the day was to shoot a video for our upcoming “Chant & Beyond” concerts.  Not knowing exactly what to expect, my stomach bubbled with excitement.  Would we be going to a studio?  Would there be dozens of people hustling and bustling around with cameras and lights yelling Action!?  I was much relieved when we arrived on the scene to Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral, a much less intimidating location for a new intern on the job.

The Cathedral was quiet and still, aside from the orange and yellow light radiating from a stained glass wall on one side of the room.  It was the perfect setting as the backdrop for the shoot.  Matthew Scott, a bass singer in the Phoenix Chorale and the interview subject in the video, was the first to greet us and show us around.  Matthew, Bass and Traditional Cantor for the Catholic Cathedral of Phoenix, an expert in the type of music that will be sung at “Chant & Beyond” and has been singing this type of music since he was a young boy.

Check out the finished product!

Hope to see you at our upcoming concert! Get your tickets here.

-Tori Bartolozzi, Marketing & PR Intern

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