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To cow or not to cow…

Two months into my internship with the Phoenix Chorale I was excited to shoot the video for “A Chorale Christmas” at Christ Church of the Ascension in Paradise Valley. For pictures of the video shoot click here.

Baby Charles Bruffy

It was during the editing process that I learned that one of the challenges with shooting a video is figuring out what to use and what to cut. During the video shoot, Artistic Director Charles Bruffy reminisced about his winters in the Midwest as a child.  “I would get all bundled up and sit in the back seat of our family station wagon, sing Christmas carols to myself, and look out the window at the snow and… cows… they had cows in Michigan.”

I don’t know what it was but the way Charles said “cows” was absolutely hilarious! It was then that we had to decide – add the sound bite about cows or not. Would that memorable story in Charles’s interview make the video? I was bummed that the reminiscent sound bite of his spotted bovine friends didn’t make the final cut — but in its place are two especially warm interviews: one with Charles and the other with soprano Danya Tiller.

Danya Tiller & Charles Bruffy

Danya is in her sixth season with the Chorale. She is Artistic Director of the Phoenix Girls Chorus and she teaches at Chandler Prep Academy.  In her interview, Danya speaks about her experience with Arizona music educator and arranger Ed Hughes. The Chorale is singing his arrangement of Ave Maria on “A Chorale Christmas.” She also shared about what it’s like to sing with the Phoenix Chorale.

Check out the finished product!

Some of the gorgeous sound clips are featured on the “A Chorale Christmas” concert series and can also be heard on the Chorale’s CD “Of a Rose: A Chorale Christmas.” In his interview, Charles also gave us this PERFECT 60 second spot for the new CD:

You can read more about our new CD “Of A Rose” here or just buy it here.

“A Chorale Christmas” concert tickets can be purchased here.

Hope to see you at our upcoming concerts!

– Katie Paetz, Marketing & Communications Intern