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The Open Rehearsal Experience

As a Communication major and member of the Writing Certificate program in my final semester at Arizona State University, with two previous Communications internships under my belt, I assumed I was pretty adequately prepared for what an internship with the Phoenix Chorale had in store for me.   And I was …sort of.

Phoenix Chorale Open Rehearsal – February 1, 2013

Here’s what I knew about the Phoenix Chorale before starting my internship:  they are a professional choral group located in Phoenix who puts on concerts around the valley, has released several CD’s, oh, and they had won a few GRAMMYs.  I had little knowledge of the organization as a whole and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what choral music was.  To put it lightly, I still had a lot to learn.

My first three weeks as the Phoenix Chorale’s new Communications and Marketing Intern have been a whirlwind of new experiences and knowledge.  Prior to Friday, February 1, I had spent a solid amount of time in the office learning the ropes, listening to some of the Chorale’s recordings and even meeting a few of the incredibly enthusiastic members and fans of the choir, but I had yet to fully understand their passion for the music.

Posting Winning Raffle Numbers!

Friday night’s open rehearsal was my first real Phoenix Chorale experience.  As I took a break from welcoming new and returning guests and sat down at the back of the historic Trinity Cathedral behind the other entire silent, wide-eyed, admirers, I finally understood.  This small choral group at the front of the church, an array of men and women of all ages, were creating the most stunningly beautiful music.

Let me tell you, it is one thing to listen to a choral CD (such as the Chorale’s new Northern Lights), while driving in your car, but watching the melodies flow out of these people in front of your eyes, no instruments, just voices working together in unison, was nothing less than mesmerizing. It is something I believe any person in the world, no matter their musical tastes or background, would have to appreciate!

Open Rehearsal Visitor at the Listening Station

Not only does Phoenix Chorale’s Free Open Rehearsal allow anyone from people off the street, to longtime supporters of the Chorale an opportunity to experience a sneak preview of the upcoming concert series – in this case “Vox Femina” – but it’s also a super fun event complete with a CD listening station, an up close view of the Phoenix Chorale’s GRAMMY, and raffle ticket drawings every half hour, giving visitors the chance to win CDs, concert tickets and more – for free!  Plus, the open rehearsals are usually held in conjunction with Downtown Phoenix’s First Fridays , one of the nation’s largest, self-guided art walks held on Roosevelt Row, giving people the chance to pop in and out of the event while visiting other local arts-related venues.  I really couldn’t believe how many people casually wandered in off the street and ended up staying and enjoying the event.  “The State Press” was even there doing a story and video about one of the singers!

First Friday Trolley Outside of Trinity Cathedral

I was very excited and committed to my role at the Chorale from the start, but now I guess you could say I’m a believer in why spreading the word of what we are creating here is so worthwhile.  The Phoenix Chorale’s mission is to enrich life through excellence and distinction in choral artistry. In accordance with this, my personal mission is to expose family, friends and Choirtap readers to everything awesome about the Phoenix Chorale and invite them to the next open rehearsal on April 5, so that they can experience what it is that we are doing here!

In collaboration with Classical Revolution Phoenix, the Phoenix Chorale’s next open rehearsal, featuring “Music from the Silver Screen,” will be part of the third annual FREE Classical Revolution Phoestival, a musical event featuring multiple stages and a variety of chamber ensembles from across Phoenix.  Whether you’re a classical music connoisseur or an amateur like me, I highly recommend that you at least stop by Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on April 5; the fun begins at 6:30!

Click here to see more photos from our Free Open Rehearsal on February 1, 2013.

– Alaina Hasenmiller, Marketing & Communications Intern