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My 12.5-hour day as the Phoenix Chorale’s intern

My day began at 9:30 am and was packed with a video shoot, setting up for our first Free Open Rehearsal of the 2013/14 Season, a reception for the Chorus America Board of Directors, and the open rehearsal. It was an eventful day – but I can’t begin without first mentioning that Jen Rogers, VP of Marketing & Communications at the Phoenix Chorale, is the rock star on event planning and group coordination. Anyone can assume that a video shoot would require a lot of planning, but Jen’s high standard of detail made the day smooth sailing and fun!

The first part of the day was dedicated to creating a concert trailer for our upcoming concerts “Amazing Grace,” featuring the Phoenix Chorale with folk band Run Boy Run. The goal was to capture show that everything is better with fiddle and after experiencing this process I can attest to the fact that “Everything IS Better with Fiddle!” The video stars Matt Rolland – fiddler extraordinaire from Run Boy Run – and features Phoenix Chorale singers, staff, and friends.

Hey that’s me!

Shot 1: The shoot began at the Roosevelt Arts District light rail stop across from our office. We quickly got in place, Matt began fiddling, the light rail came and went and before I knew it the first shot of the day was over and we were racing to the next location.

Shot 2:  We walked into a nearby workout room and our featured runner, still warmed up from her morning run, jumped onto the treadmill and put Matt’s fiddling to work as her workout soundtrack.

Shot 3: Our crew then rushed off to the vibrant mural outside of Carly’s Bistro. Don’t miss my big cameo with some unstoppable roller blade cruisin’ dance moves!

Shot 4: With no time to waste, we packed up two cars and left for the historic mid-century Clarendon Hotel. With it’s laid-back vibe, the Clarendon was a wonderful backdrop. We started at the iconic (and most photographed pool in Arizona!) with a cool shot of a gorgeous sun bather – a scene that would make anyone long for a margarita!

Shot 5: We moved inside for a scene in the elevator, which proved to be an interesting challenge. It was one thing to juggle the mirrored doors, dim lighting and sharp camera angles with the whole crew in the small lobby space, but wouldn’t you know it, there were other people trying to use the elevator! Clarendon staff and guests were hardly phased by our presence and showed organic proof that when a fiddle is being played, it’s difficult to feel inconvenienced.

Shot 6: For our final location we headed to midtown to the beautiful offices of Orcutt / Winslow, an architectural firm on the 17th floor. Our crew invaded the cubicles to recreate an “average” day at the office. Although, far from average was the incredible view of Phoenix seen through the surrounding large windows – what a treat!

At exactly 12:55 p.m., Jen yelled, “That’s a wrap!” and we packed up our equipment. The three hour video shoot went very well, but our day still held at least another eight hours of work. After a much needed celebratory lunch, Jen and I set up for the Free Open Rehearsal at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Before rehearsal began we had a chance to stop in at the reception for the Chorus America Board of Directors. It a pleasure to meet distinguished board members and hear choral news from across the country.

Rehearsal began at 6:30 p.m. and with the Cathedral doors open to Roosevelt Row, the Chorale acted as sirens calling in art enthusiasts from Phoenix’s First Friday Artwalk. Even the un-dead were keen to the beautiful sounds – we had a memorable visit from a zombie family who had wandered in to enjoy the music from Phoenix’s 1st Annual Zombie Homecoming! I will remember Friday, October 4 as a very special day in my time as an intern with the Phoenix Chorale, not just because it was a long day (we finished at about 10:30 pm), but because it was incredibly successful and I had a blast!

– Sarah Smith, Marketing & Communications Intern

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