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There’s magic behind-the-scenes at our Free Open Rehearsals

Charles Bruffy

Charles Bruffy





“[To] watch him rehearse the choir isn’t just entertaining, it is enlightening,” reports Kerry Lengel with the Arizona Republic, “He communicates the nuances he’s looking for through poetical descriptions but also with body language, puffing up, curling over into a physical metaphor for the sound he wants to hear.”

When you attend a concert performance you will see the Chorale at their best; the men looking sharp in their suits, the ladies dazzling in dresses, all of them ready to give a performance that is well rehearsed, effortless and confident. But what if I told you that a few of the most magical and artistic moments actually occur before the first concert?

At our Free Open Rehearsals you can experience the same vibrant voices you hear in performance but additionally you will hear the voice of Artistic Director, Charles Bruffy, who directs Chorale members with his musical expression and artistic interpretation. You will hear the subtle shifts in color, balance, and text emphasis with Charles guiding the ensemble in their efforts to shape each note with great intention.

Free Open RehearsalI could continue my argument with the fact that you have a chance to hear a multiple GRAMMY Award winning choir for free… but the reasons go much deeper than that alone.

Our Free Open Rehearsals are a win – win situation for everyone. If you have attended a Phoenix Chorale concert you already know their sound is simply entrancing and maybe you don’t want to spoil the luster of their polished performance with a rehearsal preview.

I assure you the preview doesn’t spoil, rather, it will enhance your experience by making you a part of the process.  Charles wants Chorale concerts to be transcendent, and he isn’t afraid to ask his audience if there is still work to be done in order to get it there.

At our first Free Open Rehearsal of the season in October, Charles asked the audience, “I think what we have accomplished so far is pretty darn good. But have we gotten your hairs yet?” (He’s clearly referring to the sensation of getting chills or goose bumps when music is exceptionally moving.)

Ignite your holiday spirit with us at our Free Open Rehearsal this Friday! Hang out and relax while the Chorale prepares for their upcoming concert, “A Chorale Christmas: Ceremony of Carols” (Dec. 19-22).

Chorale Christmas

No tickets or reservations are necessary – come as you are, whenever you want, and stay as long as you’d like! Free Open Rehearsals are held during the downtown Phoenix First Friday Artwalk along Roosevelt Row.

FREE Open Rehearsal – Friday, Dec. 6, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (100 W. Roosevelt St.)

I’ll be there with a smile on, ready to welcome you and your friends and family!

– Sarah E. Smith, Marketing & Communications Intern