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We are happy to introduce our newest alto, Nina Makston, to the Chorale. Makston NinaNina holds a Bachelor’s of Music in vocal performance from Grand Canyon University, and has performed with various groups including the Royal Renaissance Singers, Arizona Opera Chorus, Scottsdale Musical Arts, Musica Nova, and is a section leader and soloist at Faith Presbyterian Church. Along with her singing, Nina works as a chef at Lux Central and a paralegal assistant for WestonRoyal services. Read below for a Q&A with Nina!

When did you decide that you wanted to start singing professionally and why? 

I have always loved music. My dad would sing around the house non-stop growing up, and my mom played the piano. We always had a variety of music playing. I had an incredible junior high music teacher and fell in love with performing. I didn’t decide I wanted to pursue music as a profession until I attended Phoenix College and my choir director encouraged me to do so. I transferred to Grand Canyon University to finish my degree.

What singing accomplishment are you most proud of?

I graduated with honors and was able to sing my entire senior recital approval while 8 months pregnant. That was an accomplishment for sure!

How is singing important in your life? 

Singing is one of the ways I can be completely vulnerable in front of people and express myself completely. I love to sing. I sing all the time, at work, at home (just ask my kids). I have lead worship at a few non-denominational churches in the valley and the expression of the words, and being able to communicate them is extremely meaningful to me.

What is most exciting to you about joining the Phoenix Chorale? 

The caliber of the singers that I am honored to make music with is most exciting. It is thrilling to create beautiful sounds with people who respect and love the music as much as you do.

If you were stranded on an island and could only have three albums to listen to, what would they be and why?

Carpenters Christmas, Simon and Garfunkel Bookends, and the third is a toss up between about 27 other albums! How do you choose?!

What musician inspires you? 

I enjoy listening to Sara Bareilles a lot. Her voice is effortless and I wish I could play the piano the way she does.

What was your first concert? 

5th grade performing with Special Edition, the show choir at my elementary school.

What is your pre-performance routine, if any?  

Making sure I am well rested, and have gotten a work out in that day is crucial, get the blood pumping. And of course, water!

What is your spirit animal and why? 

I did a bit of research for this. Mine is the Bear. I exhibit strength, confidence, and leadership.

What is the strangest or most random talent you have? 

I can squeak like a mouse.