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Duke Ellington Workshop at Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix 1966


This picture, pulled from the 1966 Christmas Day issue of The Living Church, shows Duke Ellington in the front pew of Trinity Cathedral during “An Afternoon with Ellington.” “An Afternoon with Ellington,” held on November 12th, 1966, was the second event in a series of Saturday workshops offered at Trinity Cathedral planned by Reverend Harold Weicker and Dean Elmer B. Usher. The first event of the series, called a “war workshop” centered on the topic of war and peace as it relates to Vietnam. The panelists included Dr. John Decker of Arizona State University and Barry Goldwater, then a member of Trinity Cathedral.

The Duke Ellington workshop, held two days after he played his sacred concert in Trinity Cathedral, provided local folk, rock, and jazz bands an opportunity to work with Duke Ellington. An Arizona Republic article names the bands that were to appear including P-Nut Butter, the Young Men, the Four of Us, the Cortez High Madrigal Singers, the Jazz Sextet from ASU, Twice, The Just Cause, and Insane.

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