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Open Rehearsal: An Intern’s Recap

Hello, everyone!

It’s the Phoenix Chorale’s intern, Adria Begay, here. As you all know, the Phoenix Chorale recently held our first Free Open Rehearsal of the season where we prepared for our upcoming Bruffy’s Best Concert. It was great to have such a big turnout and it meant so much to the Chorale and of course Charles Bruffy to see everyone there. An audience of both old and new listeners poured into Trinity Cathedral for an opportunity to experience Charles Bruffy and the singers do what they do best.

As the Chorale’s newest fall intern, this was a special opportunity for me. I was excited to hear these talented folks for the first time! I was not, however, prepared to see and hear the magic that is Charles Bruffy and the Phoenix Chorale.

The energy Charles brought with him that night was like no other I’ve experienced. I’ve met him only two times before this, but the amount of life he exudes was enough to make me feel like every detail actually does matter! He brought that with him to the rehearsal and it was great to see him share the same feeling with everyone there. Being that it was his last Open Rehearsal, his time was spent generously with the audience. He gave us endless amounts of entertainment by giving out conductor’s tips, spreading laughter with his impeccable humor, and most importantly, creating the beautiful sounds of choral music. He has such a way in connecting with the community, he made the night that much more special.

You can watch a clip of the rehearsal below:

More than anything, the open rehearsal was a great place to hear the music fill the room in a perfect setting. Everyone was able to listen to glorious music as they admired the gorgeous interior of Trinity Cathedral with its colorful stained glass windows (an aesthetic highlight for me!) The acoustics of the cathedral are also amazing and surround you with the voices of the Chorale. It’s a relaxing experience and it had the most impact for me during the rehearsal of the Martin Mass.

Overall, it was a wonderful night full of smiles, laughter, and entertainment. The open rehearsal was also accompanied by a special reception celebrating Charles where everyone was invited!

Here are a few pictures of our singers having fun at the reception:

 I look foward to future experiences with this choral family. Our Bruffy’s Best concert will be the next big event where you can enjoy Charles Bruffy with the Phoenix Chorale one last time!

Tickets are going fast so don’t forget to buy yours for one of the three concert dates on October 27th-29th.

You can purchase them here: