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Joy Lubeck: Remembering Chorale Christmases’ Past

Joy Lubeck sang alto with the Bach and Madrigal Society and Bach Choir from 1986-1991.

60 years of amazing singing means, of course, 60 years of amazing singers. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we celebrate the more than 400 beautiful voices that have sung with us.

So, as part of this year’s Chorale Challenge, we reached out to some of our Alumni Singers and asked them a couple of quick questions about their memories of singing with the Chorale during the holidays and about what makes the Chorale special.

Joy Lubeck sang alto with the Bach and Madrigal Society and Bach Choir from 1986-1991. She also played a pivotal role in the ensemble’s development into a professional choir, serving as our first executive director.

Do you have a favorite memory of or feeling associated with singing with the Chorale during the holidays?

“The minute the music came out—that October or November—it was already Christmas. We knew that we were giving a gift. Our music at Christmas is a gift. A beautiful gift. Before the performances of course it was still a secret. Only we knew what we were singing. But we knew what we were going to be giving to people. And on the receiving end, as an audience member, you knew what it takes to do it, the hard work and effort.”

What do you think makes choral music and the Chorale in particular so unique?

“I’m really biased! But I feel like a proud mom. I led the group into professional status and had the privilege of being the first executive director. … We are a professional choir and we make a commitment to that. You get what you pay for: A different, otherworldly experience.

Passion, professionalism, and dedication to the art. Together it’s a special package.”

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