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  • How do I start bidding on the silent auction? Text the event code “phocho” to 33923 or to 843-606-5995.
  • I don’t have a mobile phone but I still want to bid on items. No problem! Call us at 602-253-2224 and we’ll be able to help you place your bid.
  • What happens once I text the event code? You will receive a text welcoming you to the Phoenix Chorale auction and a 4 digit security code . From there, follow the prompts to register and you’ll receive a link to view items.
  • I’d rather view items online. No problem! You can view all of the items here: 2016 Silent Auction 
  • Does the text link lead me to an app download? No, the link takes you to a mobile-optimized site that is specific to your phone number. It allows you to easily scroll through items and view item information. If you’re a first time user you will be asked for a name and email to start your profile.
  • Will I receive notifications if I have been outbid? Yes, whether you place your bid via text or through the site, you will receive a text notification if someone outbids you.
  • What if I misbid? If you make a mistake, notice that in your Congratulations text it says “Reply REBID within 3 minutes if this is incorrect.” Text the word REBID and it will remove your bid. If you have passed the 3 minute mark, call the Phoenix Chorale 602-253-2224 and we can adjust it for you. 
  • How can I make a donation to the Chorale? Click here or call us at 602-253-2224.
  • How do I pay for my auction items? If you have already registered, your information has been stored and is on file. When the auction ends, we will send you a link to check out. This will allow you to view all the items you’ve won. Simply slide the PAY button to complete your transaction. If you have not registered your payment information, you will receive a prompt to do so on your phone, 10 minutes after your first bid. To have the ‘register payment’ link sent to you, text the word REGISTER to 33923. Winners will be notified and payments will be processed during the week of May 2nd. 
  • Do I have to pay over my phone? No, you can choose to pay with a check. We’ll contact you for payment.
  • Is it safe to enter my card information on the phone? Yes, the Bidr payment system is completely secure and PCI compliant.
  • I typed in an item ID and did not get a response OR it says it is not recognized. Check the number to be sure you entered it in correctly. Make sure all digits are there and there are no other special characters or spaces. If you don’t get an immediate response, simply wait a few moments. Some carriers are faster than others.
    I typed in the event code to join my auction and it says “The item ID you sent was incomplete, not recognized or the item is closed for bidding. Please try again.” This means that you may have been joined to another previous Bidr auction. Text the word ‘Exit,’ then use the event code to join.
  • How do I receive my items?  Winners will be contacted by Chorale staff. Shipping & Handling will be an additional cost to the winning bid to those who live outside of the Phoenix Metro Area. 
  • Here are some tips for bidding online:
    1. Go to our 2016 Silent Auction website >
    2. Browse items — everything from Arts, Culture, Dining, Fun, and more!
    3. Click on items you like and on each item page, you’ll see the current bid.
    4. Change the bid amount to your highest bid.
    5. Click the “BID” button when you are ready to bid on the item.
    6. Enter your mobile phone number to receive your secure 4-digit confirmation code.
    7. Follow the prompts and send a text message with your 4-digit confirmation code.
    8. Enter your credit card information for the bid (you only have to do this once!).
    9. If you are outbid, you’ll receive a notification via text message and you can choose to increase your bid then.
    10. Keep an eye out for these icons to help your experience: (From left to right) items you are LOSING, items you are WINNING, items you are WATCHING