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Choirtap [k-wire-tap] – noun, verb, -tapped, -tapping, adjective.

1. a blog on, about, for and/or by the Phoenix Chorale. the act or instance of writing a blog about or pertaining to the Phoenix Chorale

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OMG- Oh My Gjeilo!

Pianist Ola Gjeilo, also our Composer-in-Residence (or CIR), will be performing with us during our Darkness & Light concerts on February 21 & 27-28. The concerts include the world premiere of Ola Gjeilo’s newest work, titled “Dark Night of the…

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A Korean adventure.

For the past few days I - along with ten other Phoenix Chorale members - have been in Korea moonlighting as Kansas City Chorale members.  It has been a blast, and we're only half way through! Charles and the Kansas…

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