March 2024 Press: Mozart: Requiem and ‘The Lost Birds’

January 5, 2024 Grace Rhyne

Phoenix Chorale is delighted to be headlining at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts for the first time in collaboration with Scottsdale Arts, presenting a program that brings together two contrasting yet complementary works: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s famous Requiem and Christopher Tin’s reflective elegy The Lost Birds.

Although seemingly worlds apart, the related concepts of the unavoidably mortality of humankind and the avoidable (yet increasingly commonplace) extinction of species due to our actions bring pause for thought: as we focus on our own desperate attempts to leave our mark on this world, we often forget to care for the animals and birds that surround us and have no need or desire for legacy or notoriety.

Radio,  News, and Podcast Interviews on
Mozart: Requiem and ‘The Lost Birds’ 
  • Christopher Tin interviewed by Greg Kostraba from classical 89.5 FM KBACH discussing the intersection of film and music ahead of this weekend’s concerts.
  • Chris Chats with Chris! Artistic Director Christopher Gabbitas chats with composer Christopher Tin about ‘The Lost Birds’
  • Christopher Gabbitas interviewed on AZ PBS Horizon to discuss the upcoming concerts at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

Video: Phoenix Chorale rehearsing “There Will Come Soft Rains” from ‘The Lost Birds’ by Christopher Tin with its lush orchestral landscape in preparation for March 2024 Masterworks concert series

“Intrigue, intensity and imagery combine in one of history’s most dramatic and beloved classical works, combined with Arizona’s “first look” at Christopher Tin’s elegy on our friends in the sky, “The Lost Birds,” nominated for a Grammy Award in 2023.” —Christopher Gabbitas, Artistic Director

Mozart’s Reqiuem needs no real introduction as possibly one of the most famous and often-heard classical choral works in history. This year marks the 40th anniversary of its inclusion as the central work in Peter Shaffer’s play-turned-movie Amadeus, and we intend to create as much on-stage drama as possible to honour that great production. American composer Christopher Tin is perhaps best known for his art music accompanying film, television and video game productions; The Lost Birds is a both a memorial for, and a tribute to, species that have been lost due to human activity, through a soundworld of rich and lush orchestral writing supporting elegantly poised choral lines. In combination, these two works present two sides of the same coin: musically, thematically and structurally balanced. 

This production is exclusively presented by Scottsdale Center for the Arts, with chamber orchestra, for two nights only.
Tickets should be purchased directly from the box office at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, click here to visit or call 480-499-8587

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