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JOSIAH HAGSTROM is excited to enter into his seventh year with the Chorale. Josiah is an Arizona native and after growing up in Mesa, he now resides in Gilbert with his amazing wife Mindy, his beautiful six-year-old daughter Kayla, awesome three-year old Noah, and their golden retriever pup Windsor.

After studying at MCC and ASU for a degree in Choral Education, an opportunity for a different profession took precedence. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from ASU in 2012, and is currently co-practice manager at Pearson Eyecare Group (of whom he’s worked for since age 18). Especially with working in healthcare for so long, music will always be an invaluable way to let my mind breath freely.

Josiah’s previous ensembles include Craig Peterson’s Canto Vivo, varied ASU ensembles, Vocal Fix, as well as formerly serving as lead vocalist at Harvest Bible Church in Gilbert.

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