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LIES’L HILLis an artist, musician, and educator from Mesa, Arizona. Her creative endeavors are diverse, ranging from choral music to digital art, watercolor to pottery. Since earning a degree in Choral Music Education from Northern Arizona University in 2012, she has gone on to teach choir, visual art, chess, and ceramics in both Arizona and New York City.

Lies’l was inspired to further her education, earning certifications from Lincoln Center’s Teaching Artist Lab and Leadership Lab and Harvard University’s Passion-Driven Learning Institute. She has maintained an active career as a professional singer, currently in her 5th season with the Grammy Award Winning Phoenix Chorale and Canto Vivo Chorale. Lies’l serves on the boards of the Phoenix Chorale and Arizona Music Educators Association, and is the Executive Director of the Sedona Academy of Chamber Singers. Her journey in arts education has led her to work with many local arts organizations, including Arizona Commission on the Arts, Mesa Arts Center, Phoenix Children’s Chorus, Arizona Musicfest, and more.
Lies’l is currently the Assistant Choral Director at Mesa Community College, Executive Director of Sedona Academy of Chamber Sings. She began focusing on watercolor, graphic design, and digital art through the pandemic, and her work is featured valley-wide.

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